2014 was one for the books

When you start a new year, you can anticipate the next 365 days but you really, honestly, have no idea what’s going to happen. There’s this cliche metaphor that always floats around Twitter around the end of the year about the year being like a book and you only get 365 pages and then Jan. 1 is page 1 of 365. I always liked the metaphor, but hated how cliche and generally “basic” it sounded.

Regardless, my 2014 was definitely one I’m gonna remember. I’d say 2014 had the highest highs and lowest lows in a lot of categories. I argued more with my parents than I ever have, but also got along with them consistently more than I ever have. I met and made some of my best friends but I also moved on from some old friends. I clung nostalgically to the consistency in my life, but also thrived on the change I experienced.

Going to college is probably one of the biggest changes anyone goes through because it’s the first time you go out on your own and you don’t have your parents and you really don’t realize how much your parents do for you until you have to buy your own laundry detergent and take care of yourself when you’re sick. But being an “adult” for the first time is also one of the most exciting things because you get to see how well you would actually fare on a deserted island, rather than the lie the Buzzfeed quiz told you when you were 14.

And on top of all of that, nothing quite compares to doing it all in New York City. I will never be able to be thankful enough for having the opportunity to study at my dream school and live in arguably the greatest city in the world. I have experienced more new things in one semester than I maybe ever have.

You also discover a lot about yourself when you go to college, which is why my New Year’s Resolution list is much longer than usual. These resolutions are more like self-improvement goals. I set a lot of goals, some unrealistic some not, for myself, as many of my friends know and often make fun of me for. And because I don’t care what you all think about it, this year’s resolution list is pretty detailed and maybe a little cliche, but this is my list so… Yeah.

2015 New Year’s Resolutions:

> be less dramatic*

> write more (every day, preferably)

> write more on this blog

> go to every class (not counting extraneous circumstances, of course)

> call my parents more often

> be cleaner (like don’t wait so long to do laundry/wash my sheets more often)

> look up in the sky at least once a day and take a deep breath and smile

> smile at myself in the mirror at least once a day and know I am beautiful and today is a great day

> learn how to curl my hair and put on eyeliner

> stop spending so much energy on people who won’t give a fraction of it back

> be more productive and proactive

> stop cracking my knuckles

> plan and prepare

> to find a place to look at the stars in the city

> make my bed every morning

> wake up before 9 on weekdays (and 7:30 on Wednesdays)

> don’t sleep in too late on Saturdays/do something fun (preferably new) in the city

> sleep in on Sundays, but not late enough to miss Palladium brunch

> take more risks

> put myself out there more

> let go, be fluid

> stop worrying so much

> say more of what’s on my mind

> explore

> have a regular gym routine

> be able to run a 5k by the end of 2015

> be less distracted

> stop being late

> be happy

> live in the moment

> do something new every day

> do more

> execute (probably the most important one on this list)





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